Career Advice

For a new graduate there can be many daunting aspects to the period between finishing university and finding and starting your first full-time job. But there’s no need to lose heart. Read on for some helpful advice about:

The job-hunting period:
For the first-time job hunter the period between finishing your studies and that first job offer can be a nervous and stressful time but it’s important to stay positive and focused. Click on the link above for some helpful advice on how to keep yourself motivated and maximize your job-hunting success while minimizing stress levels!

Your job application:
A graduate employer provides some invaluable advice about how to maximize the effectiveness of your job applications, and avoid some of the more common mistakes. Also read about some tips for submitting applications for government jobs.

How best to tacke interviews:
Job interviews can be very nerve-racking experiences, especially for new graduates who might not be that familiar with the whole process. But there is no reason to fear interviews, with the right preparation and plenty of practice you’ll be well on your way to a job offer. Click on the link above for a few useful tips to help you prepare for a successful interview.

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The value of volunteer work:
Very often when starting their careers, new graduates come up against that bewildering catch-22: they need experience before many employers will consider them, but they need a job in order to get that experience. Or do they?

Professional development:
The benefits of lifelong learning and professional development can be enormous. Be proactive about your professional development and give your career a boost.

What employers look for in employees:
Employers recruit many thousands of new graduates each year. Many employers look for very specific skills and attributes in the potential employees they screen. Find out what employers are looking for in their graduate employees, and discover how well you measure up.

Insights into graduate recruitment:
Graduate Careers Australia’s Graduate Outlook Survey provides an interesting insight into the graduate recruitment market and the likely future trends in Australia and New Zealand. Click on the link above to learn more.