Common Job-Interview Questions

“What are your strengths and weaknesses?” This is one of the most well-known interview questions, and interviewers often ask it indirectly. Tailoring your “strengths” answer to skills that will benefit the prospective employer.When it comes to weaknesses, or areas of growth answer “how you have improved, and specifics on what you have done to improve yourself “Why did you leave your last position?” “Interviewers will always want to know your reasoning behind leaving a company ?

“Be prepared to tell the truth, without speaking negatively about past employment.” “Can you describe a previous work situation in which you … ?”This question comes in many forms, but what the interviewer is looking for is your behavior on the job. Your answer could focus on resolving a crisis, overcoming a negotiation deadlock, handling a problem coworker,”The key to responding well is preparing real job examples, describing your behavior in specific situations that demonstrate important skills that the job requires.” “What is your ideal work environment?”This question is not about whether you prefer an office, so think broadly to include ideas about supervision, management styles, and your workday routine.