An Interview Strategy

A Job Interview Is Not an Interrogation. If you read many books on job interviews, you’ll notice that some feed you lists of interview questions that you should learn answers to. But an interview is not an interrogation; it’s a conversation. Thus, the best way to prepare for an interview is to come armed with a small stories about both your business and personal life. In a traditional interview, the interviewer will ask you questions focused on whether you have the skills and knowledge needed to do the job.

But now interview goes further by asking you additional questions about your character and personal attributes that can better determine whether you fit their corporate culture. The Interviewer’s Priorities. An employer wants to find out: will you either make money or save money for the company? Are you a team player? Will you fit into the company culture? Your Story Strategy. You should start by developing your stories around these areas: • A crisis in your job and how you responded or recovered from it. • A time where you functioned as part of a team and what your contribution was. Your stories will give the interviewer sense of your individuality.