Common Cover Letter Mistakes

Recruiters read thousands of resumes over their careers. So how can you, an anonymous job seeker, catch a recruiter’s eye? Introduce yourself with an effective cover letter.A cover letter is the perfect place to let potential employers know you as a person: What you’ve done, what you can offer and how you express yourself. One common cover letter goof: Typos and spelling errors. What’s one of the first things you should do after greeting the reader of a cover letter? State exactly which job you’re applying for. Include the exact name of the position. It’s also a good idea to mention where you heard about the opening.

Do you send the exact same cover letter to every employer, only changing the name of the person to whom you’re sending it? Big mistake. The point of a cover letter is to make a personal connection with the reader. So to write a successful cover letter, you should tailor it specifically to each company you send it to. A cover letter should not be a rehash of your resume; instead, it should offer deeper insights into what your resume does NOT say. The recruiter already has your resume; the cover letter should add to it, not repeat it. your cover letter should focus on the company’s needs and how you can fulfill them, not what the company can do for you.