Finding a Jobs online and Building career in Armenia (AM)

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First of all we wish you good luck in your Job finding path.
Bear in mind that FINDING a JOB is a separate job, and it is well known thing among recruiters.

But don’t give is going to HELP YOU!!!

The first important thing for every job is a Resume!- because resume is a tool for promoting yourself.
You may want to look different articles about Resume/CV.
Once you ready to create your resume you can use Resume/CV Builder to create Professional and nice looking resume. You can also use example of Good Resume/CV while building yours.
Good job-now you have your resume created and hosted. is hosting you resume without deadline. It is also providing you URL that you can send to any employer at any time.
Moreover is promoting your resume in the search engines
Make sure you have enough information and details about your responsibilities and knowledge, so employer can assess your resume. You can always come back and change your resume.
It is also very good practice to tune your resume for particular position. You can tune your existing resume, create another one, or copy your existing resume and tune the second one.
Sometimes it also make sense to create resume in different languages. You can do it as well on Armenia Job Portal.
Another important thing is a keyword. However Job Portal Armenia we have created full search trough your resume, but keyword would be helpful as they are much faster in search.
Another thing you can view how many people reviewed your resume and see which one of your resumes are working better (assuming you have more then one).
Next thing you do is searching or listing vacancies and finding which one is more appropriate for your. Once you find a vacancy you can add that vacancy to your favorites so you can review it later.
Once you decided that the found job announcement is Just for you, and you have tuned your resume, you can go ahead and apply. You can apply for it by just simply clicking a link from your portal. Easy enough right?
Before you apply for a vacancy you can also review company description, vacancies and other relevant data interested for you. We strongly recommend writing a cover letter you can do it also on fly during your application.