Make Yourself a More Attractive Candidate

Developing your writing, speaking, planning and organizational skills can make you a stronger candidate and help you find a job. Plus, these skills can make your job search go more smoothly. There are many ways to improve your writing skills: Read more. Take a writing courses. The instructors will also critique your work and help sharpen your skills. Strong presentation skills can help you interview and network more effectively. Here are some ways to improve your presentation and public speaking skills: Try to speak in front of a group as often as possible. Like all skills, public speaking takes practice. Learn to use the time you have. Effective time management makes you a more productive person, period. Honing this skill can help speed your job search and make it go more smoothly. It’ll also show an employer that you’ll be a productive worker who can prioritize projects and accomplish tasks.

Documenting Your Job Search

An integral part of any successful job search is keeping track of the details. How often are you sending out resumes? Can you even remember how many jobs you’ve applied to? Intense job hunting can feel chaotic at times.
Most of the tracking is already done in job portal.
You’re sending out tons of resumes, making lots of contacts, attending networking events and going out on interviews. Then, the phone rings and you have no idea who’s on the other end of the line.Diligently documenting your search gives you a quick reference guide you can use to refresh your memory when you need it most. Instead of stammering, you can instantly refer to your documents, Keep a list of contacts with detailed information about each individual and the dates you connected with them. Keep a list of the companies to which you’ve sent resumes. After an interview write down your thoughts. Pinpoint positive and negative aspects. These questions and their answers are key in analyzing your search.More About to make yourself to make a strong candidate