Portfolio Enterprise

Realizing the increasing demand for various complex services, our company initiated providing some of them.

If you have a new-born baby or kid in your family, but lack of experience for dealing with kids, or you just need some assistance in taking care, feeding or educating the child, do not hesitate to apply for a mature babysitter or nanny or governess. They will ease your concerns, and their support will allow you to enjoy more the communication with your kid.

cleaning1“Portfolio Enterprise” offers you complex cleaning services for your houses, apartments and office areas, as well as separate cleaning of windows and carpets with special cleaning supplies. You can order a one-time cleaning of your premises or sign a contract with us for a long-time cooperation. Our candidates are dressed properly in uniforms and have all necessary equipment, materials and chemical supplies for the job.
Our manager will contact you to get a better understanding of the venue’s cleaning requirements and your cleaning needs.

The contracts can be arranged on short -term or long-term basis.

We ensure:
• Qualified and experienced employees
• Flexible schedule
• Payment of all employees” taxes & insurance
• Providing supplies and equipment
Our offers are as follows:
• General cleaning
• Cleaning after construction
• Cleaning of apartments
• Cleaning of villas
• Cleaning of offices
• Washing of windows
• Washing stained-glass windows
• Daily cleaning
• Weekly or monthly scheduled cleaning

Main duties for house cleaning:
• Cleaning dust from boards, walls, furniture, lighting devices
• Washing of doors, plinths
• Washing windows and rubbing frames
• Vacuuming all floors, carpets, rugs and stairs
• Cleaning and disinfection of bowls, toilet bowls, baths
• Making up and straightening linen
• Emptying wastebaskets
• Cleaning stove drip pans

Main duties for office cleaning:
• Cleaning of floor coverings, walls and doors
• Cleaning of mirror and glass surfaces and elements of design
• Cleaning of the equipments and furniture (tables, chairs, PC monitors, office equipment, armchairs, sofas)
• Emptying wastebaskets
• Cleaning in sanitary and hygienic rooms
*Other duties by your wish.

*Consultation with our manager and his arrival to the site to study the volumes of work will be executed free of charge

*For regular clients discounts will be provided starting from 5%